Ultimate Equine

The "Ultimate Equine" is just that - it's everything and anything you can dream of for you and your horse, horses, trainer or family. This session would typically take place in the evening, which will also offer the most variety of light changes over the course of 3 hours. Do you have 2 or more people in your barn that would like photos? We can divide the time evenly, just note that the digital file count will be divided also. It's a great option if you want to include family photos on this day or if you are a senior and you want to travel to other locations to get a variety of looks. If you are a barn owner or trainer and would like images of the property, updated social media marketing materials or professional head shots, employee head shots, etc - this is a session to consider.

This session includes

  • 3 Hours
  • Unlimited Horses
  • Unlimited People
  • Unlimited Outfits
  • Unlimited Pets
  • Up to 3 Locations
  • *150+ Digital Images

$1,425+ tax

Add Video $350

This is typically a slow motion, 1 minute video with a look back at the session.

* If there is a request for a specific set of images from the trainer, parent or subject for less than what is offered, the price of the package remains the same.

Tips for this session

  1. Fly spray
  2. Work your horse.
  3. Give a full body bath
  4. If you know where you want photos and it is not a normal place your horse goes, take your horse to that location and ask them to stand still. A horse that is comfortable in it's environment will present better.
  5. The more capable your horse is at standing still, the more photos you will get. Notice I say 45+ Digital Images ;-)
  6. Have a helper (tote around a groom bag, clothes, tack, etc)
  7. Fly spray
  8. Ask your horse to stand still in desired locations.
  9. Mow the area if needed
  10. Clean up around the yard/arena
  11. Fly spray
  12. Have tack clean, sized and ready
  13. If you chose to do liberty shots, have a safe area that the horse is used to being in available and clean.
  14. Hairspray is also great to have on hand if you would like a little more control over the mane and tail
  15. But seriously, lets not forget that fly spray!